Business Opportunities in Infrastructure and PPPs: Meeting with the world references

Capa - Public-Private Partnership in Brazil
Information about the PPP Brazilian market: the oppportunities and how they work

This paper was meant to be a reading material to those who have attendend to the International Meeting organized by CBIC, in partnership with CICA and FIIC, sponsored by SENAI, April 27th and 28th, 2015.

The document presents the essential information about PPP in Brazil and at the same time, introduces empirical analyses on the Brazilian experience with PPP never seen before, extracted from analyses carried out by Radar PPP.

CBIC will keep fostering PPPs and contributing with the evolution of our members and joining the public debate on this topic. The reason is simple: there is no developed nation if the public administration does not focus on the
quality of public spending, and there is no developed nation without a strong, technologically developed construction industry, specialized in both public and private asset lifecycle.
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